Петрик Анастасия Игоревна

I Petryk Anastasia (Igorevna), was born in Odessa on may 4, 2002 and live in the village Nerubayske of Odessa region.

From the early years saw a serious passion for music of my older sister, liked to dance to her songs, knew them by heart, and I was nice to sing any of them.

In 2008 at the age of 6 I went to the first class of school number 1 in Nerubayske village, in parallel with the dance and music with teachers, parents and sister.

At the age of 6 December 24, 2008 was my first performance on the big stage of the Palace of arts "Ukraine" when we together with her sister Victoria sang the song "the Sailors" at the festival of Vitaly and Svetlana Belonozhko "The melody of two hearts".

In 2009 independently began to take part in the song contests. At the festival "the Black sea games" in the vicinity of Kherson took 2-nd place, and at the contest "Moloda Halychyna" in city Novoyavorovsk of Lviv region 1-St place (The site of the contest "Moloda Halychyna").

In 2010, together with my older sister Victoria took part in the competition "Ukraine got talent 2" and reached the semi-finals. Together with the Opera singer Yuri Lukyanenko (GODO) sang Ukrainian anthem before a series of Boxing matches WBO in Kyiv sports Palace.

In the same year, together with Victoria took part in the contest "New Wave Junior 2010" in Artek, where he became a winner in his age group and winner of the audience award. At the "New Wave Junior" met with such professionals as Igor Krutoy, Philip Kirkorov, uncle Sasha Revzin, uncle Sasha Rumyantsev, uncle Sasha Balaban, uncle Eugene Orlov and the second. I managed to have a lot to learn. Then there was the dream of winning the Junior Eurovision. After "New Wave Junior" took part as a guest at the children's song contest "ti lascio una canzone" (I'll leave you a song) in Italy, together with my sister were in different cities of Ukraine and "the Christmas song of the year" in Moscow.

In 2011 participated in many concerts and TV shows: song of the year 2011 in Moscow, LIVING the most beautiful people of Ukraine, February 23, in a Big City, New Wave, and others. Sang together with Philip Kirkorov, Nina Matvienko, Leonid Agutin and, of course, with my beloved sister Victoria.

My dream came true in 2012, when I took part in Ukrainian selection for "Junior Eurovision" and July 8, the final concert in Artek has win it, and then won the international contest "Junior Eurovision 2012" in Amsterdam. I was happy!

In 2013, we became the owners of the all-Ukrainian award "person of the year" and prize "the Pride festival" festival of the Ukrainian song "Moloda Halychyna", many performances in different cities of Ukraine, Russia, Armenia. In August, appeared as a guest on the Ukrainian national selection competition of the "Junior Eurovision 2013" and at the contest "Junior New Wave 2013". In October in Kiev I and Victoria sang for our fans on our first little solo concert. And in November I was a guest at the final concert of the international "Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013". Specially for this action, I have prepared a new song "Winner", which is specially for me posted by Georgian composer Giga Kukhianidze.

I love to sing, I love to travel to different cities, I love when I watch the audience, like to please them and surprise.