Петрик Виктория Игоревна

I Petryk Victoria (Igorevna), was born in Odessa on may 21, 1997 and still live in the village Nerubayskoe of Odessa region.

In September 2001 mom and dad took me to the Vorontsov Palace of children and youth creativity in group "Multyashki" (Cartoon) under the leadership Biana Genadievna Zanchukovskaya. In the group we learned to sing, we had choreography and acting. We played a lot, in Odessa, on different interesting concerts. But in February 2002, I started a solo career and my first solo performance was in the concert, dedicated to the "Day of the Soviet Army" in the Odessa military hospital, I sang a song "V zooparke" (In the zoo...)".

Since may 2002 I started singing in the band "BabyVocal" there kids were a bit older than me. We have participated in the festival "Wreath of black sea coast". I have diplomas for 2002 and 2003. By the fall of 2002 have formed the group "BabyShow", at first there were only three girls: Anya Svirskaya, Dasha Didenko, and I - Victoria Petryk, and later joined us Elmir Gandarov. We were at corporate events, weddings, birthdays, but at the same time I participated in Odessa and all-Ukrainian competitions and received only 1st place:
-> "Sovremennyiy vzglyad" (Today), Odessa
-> "Your talents, Ukraine", Odessa
-> "Constellation of Odessa", Odessa
-> "Zvezdochka" (Star), Odessa
-> "Krok do Zirok" (Step towards stars), Kiev

In the autumn of 2003 I became the student of 1-St class Nerubayske gymnasium. But the most fruitful was the summer of 2004. From, Evpatoria with the international children's contest "Zoryani Mosti" (Star Bridges) I brought the Grand Prix. In Odessa on the International children's festival "Zvyozdochka" (Star) - 1-St place. In, Skadovsk on all-Ukrainian charitable children's festival I won the 1st prize.

To support his vocal abilities in 2004 I start to study at Children's Music School №1, in Odessa, class of Violin, but it turned out that the violin is not mine and I in 2005, turn on the Piano Department in the same musical school №1 for teacher Zhukova Svetlana Yevgenyevna.

In the summer of 2005 I decided to conquer Western Ukraine, and we drive to the international festival "Moloda Galichina" (Young Galicia). Everything happened - 1-St place and a lot of positive emotions, new acquaintances, friends and meet a great man, a beautiful woman, the Director of the festival Koval Natalia Romanovna and her entire team.

In may 2006 at the International festival "Krishtaleviy Zhayvir" (Crystal Lark) I not only get the 1-St prize but celebrate your birthday. In July of the same year at "Young Galicia" I again become the winner of the 1st prize. And there is born the idea to participate in the selection for Junior Eurovision 2006". In August I include in the "Star top ten", and autumn with the song "Goydalka" (Swing) I take 2nd place of honor, losing 1-St place to Nazar Slyusarchuk. To decide that next year will win.

This year it was a lot of charity concerts, most of them took place in Kiev. I sang with Tina Karol in concert "Kvartal 95", at the concert devoted to "Teacher's Day". In summer I like the guest of contest, Novoyavorovsk on "Young Galicia", Skadovsk on "the Black sea Games", take part in the International festival "Moscow-Yalta transit 2007", congratulations to Joseph Kobzon from children Ukraine with the anniversary, in Yalta. Participate in the concert "Krok do Zirok" in Artek, represent Ukraine in the year the Vitebsk at "Slavianski Bazaar" in the Republic of Belarus. And of course apply for Junior Eurovision 2007". At the national selection in Artek not meet the stars and I find myself on the 7th place, then to represent Ukraine went Ilona Halytska.

But the life does not end here, I take a fist and for all who sent SMS begin to prepare a song for Junior Eurovision 2008". Within 2 years of participation in Eurovision, I made friends with Elena Titova and group "Vostorg" (Delight), Natalya Miedinova, which helped me to think of the song "Matrosyi" (the Sailors) is the winner.

At the concert devoted to the opening of Euro 2012, fate brought me to an outstanding designer, beauty, Diana Dorozhkina. This is a great woman who helps us with costumes, I became good friends with her daughter Dasha. Diana gave me a dress for the song "the Sailors".

New year 2008 we met in Artek with children who can't see. We were a few new year's concerts. In concerts but me was attended by: Vlad Belik, Vlad Karashchuk, Dima Borodin and Kristina Barabulya. The Chime of bells I made a wish: to win the "Junior Eurovision 2008", and this desire was nearly fulfilled, I have won in Ukraine, and from Cyprus took the silver. (This is the best result among the representatives of Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision). This year I met a very important person in my life, vocal teacher Kravets Nina Vyacheslavovna, she taught me to listen to the right music, I learned a lot, discovered the works of foreign artists, I have new interests.

I was nominated in the project "person of the year 2008", participated in a festive concert at Viennese ball in the Kyiv Opera. In 2009 in all competitions I went only as a guest.

In 2010, we with my sister Nastya had a show on the TV channel CTB "Ukraine got talent" and grateful to all who voted for us live. Went to Turkey on 3rd meeting at which the us adopted in motion "Republic of KIDS", where we met with Evgeny Orlov, Inna Mashkovskaya and steep group "Paradise". In August 2010, we with Nastya won the "New Wave Junior 2010", met with Igor Krutoy, Philip and Bedros Kirkorov, Alexander Rumyantsev, and the team of "ARS", learned a lot from Alexander Revzin and Alexander Balaban.

After winning the New Wave Junior 2010 we have new proposals, invitations, concerts. My sister and participated in the concert "Quarter 95" in Kiev, on "Children's song of the year 2010" in Moscow, Charitable marathon in Novgorod region with Bedros Kirkorov.