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Victoria. Overload

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(03.03.2017) 14-year-old winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes video in Chernivtsi

The young singer, winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, Anastasia Petrik came in Chernivtsi. Here she makes a video for a new song. According to the Anastasia's story, local creative team of filmmakers affects by their ideas and work. Urban news leading, Irina Shevchuk, will tell you more.

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(21.12.2016) The show "Carnival extravaganza" and awarding ceremony of "The Future of the Nation" in Kiev


The first channel, "Cultural center of Ukraine" and the Academy of Modern Education "A +" conducted a show     "Carnival extravaganza" and awarding ceremony of "The Future of the Nation". The show was held in the hall of Kyiv     Opera. The producer of the event was the director of music programs of the First Channel of Vlad Baginski.

The ceremony was beaten Timur Miroshnichenko and his young assistants - Arina Nikonova and Daria     Pyatova. During the ceremony the audience could enjoy the colorful show in which     the children sang a duet with celebrities.


After the intermission went to shoot lights. It was attended by representatives of both older     and the younger generation of artists. Among them: Alekssev, Alyosha, Oleg Vinnik, pianist     Khmara Eugene, Edward Romanuta, Mila Nitich, Illariya Svetlana Tarabarova Paul Zibrov,     Oksana Pekunov, Nina Matvienko, Hope Sestak, Viktor Pavlik, Natalia Buchynska, Anastasia     and Victoria Petryk, Laura Superfin Marietta Ways, Alla and Maxim Kudlay, the group "Freestyle"     EMOTION, «SAHA» and «M-band».


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