(03.03.2017) 14-year-old winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes video in Chernivtsi

(21.12.2016) The show "Carnival extravaganza" and awarding ceremony of "The Future of the Nation" in Kiev

(27.08.2016) Things to do in Sochi over the weekend: the poster for August 27-28

(15.08.2016) Anastasia Petryk on Children's New Wave sang a duet with Philip Kirkorov

(29.05.2016) Anastasia Petryk absolute favorite in the "Young Talent" category

(10.05.2016) The winners of the "Favorites of Success - 2015" ranking will be awarded May 19

(21.04.2016) Anastasia and Victoria Petryk in the play "Ukraine - you are the nightingale song"

(16.04.2016) Anastasia Petryk - the winner of the contest "Favorites of Success - 2015»

(27.03.2016) There were bright picture of Ukrainian beau monde from "Person of the Year" ceremony

(17.03.2016) Why sister Petryk will never compete with each other

(08.03.2016) Vociferous Petryk sister brought "Popolam" (in twain) program into Melitopol

(06.03.2016) Talented Petryk sisters gave joy by his work to Melitopol citizens

(04.03.2016) The concert of the Petryk sisters will take place at March, 5 in Melitopol

(01.03.2016) AiF Ukraine: Ukrainian singer Victoria Petryk presented the video for the song "Witch"

(17.02.2016) GlavRed: "Eurovision 2016" selection participant is not interested in the opinion of the jury

(23.01.2016) The premiere of our new concert program "In Half" took place

(17.12.2015) Video of Victoria Petryk are shooting in Chernivtsi

(24.10.2015) Victoria Petryk told why he performed in Sochi

(15.10.2015) Anastasia Petryk is a participant "My Beatles Tribute Show"

(04.10.2015) Victoria Petryk - guest of "New Wave 2015"

(25.09.2015) Petryk sisters Recital in the theater "Golden ring"

(16.08.2015) New content on our website

(11.07.2015) Section "Billboard" was opened

(20.05.2015) «Petryk sisters» about Ukraine and Europe

(02.05.2015) Concert announcement and the new our collection addition

(25.04.2015) Videos from the concert "Children's Song of the Year"

(23.03.2015) Petryk sisters at the ceremony of awarding the prize "Person of the Year 2014"

(13.03.2015) Dorn, Vakarchuk and Freimut received "Odessa Oscar"

(07.03.2015) Anastasia and Victoria Petryk on "the Christmas Song of the Year 2014"

(05.03.2015) "Favorites of Success 2014", young talent, Anastasia Petryk

(15.02.2015) Published an interview with the sisters Petryk for TV channel "FBM"

(08.02.2015) Our collection was filled with new records

(24.01.2015) Listen to the new songs in our audio gallery

(18.01.2015) Added a new video records, sound records, and publications

(10.01.2015) Anastasia Petryk - winner of the "Future of the nation"

(07.01.2015) Children Song of the Year on the TV channel "Carousel"

(05.01.2015) Christmas Song of the Year on the TV channel "Russia 1"

(28.12.2014) New year Christmas show on the First National channel of Ukraine

(21.11.2014) Palace "Ukraine", Christmas show

(16.10.2014) School ethnographic Museum opened in Nerubayskoe village

(21.09.2014) Stars for PEACE: Petryk sisters sure that Ukraine is the best country

(11.09.2014) Channel "Ukraine" will gather the Ukrainian show-business at new year party

(11.09.2014) History of Ukrainian Junior Eurovision on the site of the First

(06.09.2014) September 6, 2014, Odessa, "Support orphans" charity concert

(27.07.2014) Victoria Petryk: "EUR 30 thousand is little money"

(27.07.2014) On the wave of victory: Ukraine took silver and bronze at the festival in Jurmala

(26.07.2014) The fourteenth Journal of "New Wave 2014" contest with Maya Silova

(25.07.2014) Vika Petryk and Nodar Revia named sexiest on "New wave"

(25.07.2014) The twelfth Journal of "New Wave 2014" contest with Maya Silova

(24.07.2014) Vika Petryk "New wave" came on the scene in the Russian designer outfit

(24.07.2014) The eleventh Journal of "New Wave 2014" contest with Maya Silova

(22.07.2014) Vika Petryk - the contestant from Russia: "Enough for me to aspire to!"

(22.07.2014) The ninth Journal of "New Wave 2014" contest with Maya Silova

(19.07.2014) The sixth Journal of "New Wave 2014" contest with Maya Silova

(18.07.2014) The fifth Journal of "New Wave 2014" contest with Maya Silova

(17.07.2014) Participants of "New Waves 2014" repaid registered trademarks and sculpted bas-relief

(17.07.2014) "New wave-2014": Nastya Petryk came to support her sister

(17.07.2014) The fourth Journal of "New Wave 2014" contest with Maya Silova

(16.07.2014) Mix News: "New wave 2014", Victoria Petryk sings, Mix media group, Latvia

(16.07.2014) The third Journal of "New Wave 2014" contest with Maya Silova

(15.07.2014) A new wave of 2014: Victoria Petryk and Vyacheslav Rybakov arrived to conquer Jurmala

(15.07.2014) Fashion diaries of a New Wave in "Fashion One" magazine, Jurmala 2014, the second diary

(05.06.2014) The 11th ceremony of rewarding of winners of Competition "Favorites of Success"

(25.05.2014) Little soldier named Nastya...

(19.04.2014) Victoria Petryk reached the final of the contest "New Wave 2014"

(22.02.2014) Anastasia Petryk's song sounded at the Olympic games 2014 in Sochi"

(01.02.2014) Anastasia Petryk is presented in the lists of the most popular stars of show-business in Ukraine

(21.12.2013) Eurovision Song Contest 2014: Victoria Petryk took 2-nd place by the results of the national selection final

(21.12.2013) The second season of the contest "Music Academy Eurovision"

(08.12.2013) Eurovision Song Contest 2014: determined the names of the 20 shortlisted here of Ukraine

(26.11.2013) In Kiev officially started XI Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

(25.11.2013) Nastya Petryk will be a special guest of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013

(17.11.2013) 30 November, in the capital "Palace Ukraine" will be held "Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013"

(02.11.2013) Records of the first recital are available in the video gallary!

(26.10.2013) The first recital of Anastasia and Victoria Petryk took place!

(26.10.2013) Anastasia and Victoria Petryk. The first recital and meeting with fans

(25.09.2013) Victoria Petryk preparing for Ukranian selection of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

(21.09.2013) Usatovo village celebrated 238 years with holiday concert

(13.09.2013) The festival «Music has connected us» held in Kakhovka

(01.09.2013) The school year beginning in the gymnasium number 1 of Nerubayskoye village of Odessa region

(29.08.2013) The festival «Music has connected us» opens today in Kakhovka

(20.08.2013) Translation of the concert program for the Day of Independence of Ukraine

(20.08 2013) New Wave Junior 2013

(07.08.2013) Khotyn, Chernivtsi region, a Charity concert on the territory of the historical complex "Khotyn fortress"

(02.08.2013) Artek, Ukraine national selection final of Junior Eurovision 2013, song premiere

(30.07.2013) Charitable Festival "Give me hope" in Sevastopol

(18.07.2013) The date of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Kiev has become known

(03.04.2013) Young inhabitant of Odessa Anastasia Petryk will receive a scholarship from the fans

(23.03.2013) Ani Lorak and Petryk sisters won the award "Person of the Year 2012"

(08.03.2013) Sports, literature, music is achievements of Ukrainians over the last year

(04.03.2013) Anastasia Petryk and Vitaly Kozlovsky sang in duet for the most beautiful people of Ukraine

(03.03.2013) Ani Lorak and Ivan Dorn has become the most beautiful in the Palace "Ukraine"

(22.02.2013) 50 wins of the First National TV channel of Ukraine

(08.02.2013) "Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will be held in Ukraine" - said Azarov

(24.01.2013) Petryk sisters sang at the ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest "Teacher of the Year 2013"

(22.01.2013) Anastasia Petryk sang at the celebration of the Day of Unity and Liberty in the Palace "Ukraine"

(25.12.2012) Petryk sisters worked the opening act of childrens of Petro Poroshenko

(15.12.2012) The winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will welcome the New Year with inhabitants of Kamensk

(14.12.2012) A charity fair "from Nicholas to Christmas" has opened in Kiev

(12.12.2012) Anastasia Petryk in Odessa said: "I want to go to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014"

(11.12.2012) Victoria Petryk plans to attend the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

(05.12.2012) Yanukovych (the President of Ukraine) said that they are friends with Nastya Petryk for long time

(05.12.2012) Meeting of Nastya Petryk as the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012

(02.12.2012) Nastya Petryk was met in Borispol with the orchestra of Ministry of Internal Affairs

(02.12.2012) The inhabitant of Odessa won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012

(01.12.2012) Ukrainian Anastasia Petryk won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012

(23.11.2012) Nastya Petryk performed to Junior Eurovision with grand concert

(23.11.2012) Ukrainian participant of "Junior Eurovision" went to the contest with a talisman

(23.11.2012) Zakharchenko predicts a victory of the Ukrainian participants of the Junior Eurovision

(22.10.2012) Diana Dorozhkina showed perfect winter woman

(26.09.2012) Peace and Love: the world of the deaf

(10.09.2012) The first concert

(19.07.2012) Nastya Petryk goes on "Junior Eurovision" dress from Dorozhkina

(09.07.2012) At the Junior Eurovision song contest Ukraine will be represented by 10-year-old Nastya Petryk from Odessa region

(09.07.2012) 10 year old inhabitant of Odessa is going to conquer Eurovision

(08.07.2012) Today at children's camp "Artek" will choose the representative of Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision - 2012

(05.07.2012) Junior Eurovision 2012. The final of the Ukrainian national selection

(21.06.2012) Nastya Petryk from Odessa will participate in the selection for Junior Eurovision song contest

(30.04.2012) "The voice of the country". TV program was opened by Nastya Petryk and Channah Van Wingerden

(23.03.2012) "New Wave", the old problems

(23.02.2012) TV program "23 February in the Big City"

(21.02.2012) And now control: at the presentation of the national prize "TV star"

(30.01.2012) The team Dovgy got on with Matvienko

(11.12.2011) Moscow hosted the jubilee 40th account the most popular new year program "Song of the year"

(17.11.2011) Designer Diana Dorozhkina presented her new collection in Kyiv

(02.11.2011) Renata shot a video with Nastya Petryk

(03.10.2011) The play "Angels among us" united stars and orphans

(23.08.2011) Philip Kirkorov knelt down in front of a young lady

(05.08.2011) Alla Pugacheva showed her successor

(01.08.2011) Jayden Felder from the US won the "New Wave 2011"

(28.07.2011) 9-year-old Ukrainian conquered "New Wave Junior" by "The Beatles" song

(13.07.2011) Once again hosted the international festival "Moloda Halychyna"

(21.02.2011) The pediatrician and the blonde are the most beautiful

(13.12.2010) Charity marathon "Christmas gift" will be musical

(26.11.2010) Diana Dorozhkina presented copyright spirits

(08.11.2010) Ukrainian pop stars covered "The Beatles"

(04.10.2010) The feast of the body and soul

(19.09.2010) In the capital finished anniversary international motor rally

(17.09.2010) The concert dedicated Richelieu academic readings took place in Odessa

(23.08.2010) Eight-year-old Nastya Petryk from Ukraine amazed "New Wave Junior" by voice of Ella Fitzgerald

(19.04.2010) "Ukraine got talent-2" chose winners of the first semi-final

(18.11.2009) Victoria Petryk invited Yulia Tymoshenko to the dance

(23.03.2009) Inhabitants of Odessa became winners of the award "Person of the year"

(06.12.2008) To see the "Winter luxury" collection of Diana Dorozhkina

(25.11.2008) On "Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008" Ukraine took the second place

(23.11.2008) Ukrainian Victoria Petryk took the second place at "Eurovision"

(17.11.2008) The fund of Peter Poroshenko held on Cyprus participant of the Junior Eurovision

(21.09.2008) At Junior Eurovision 2008 Ukraine will be represented by Victoria Petryk

(29.08.2007) Scholarships for talented children

(09.07.2007) The order of performances of "Vitebsk-2007" participants determined

(06.07.2007) Today opened the festival "Slavianski Bazaar"

(20.09.2006) Support the little star from Odessa!