(21.09.2014) Stars for PEACE: Petryk sisters sure that Ukraine is the best country

International day of peace is celebrated on September 21. For this holiday Ivona has prepared a special project Stars - for peace!

Victoria (17 years) and Anastasia (12 years) Petryk:

Patriotism is... when you're his actions show that Ukraine is the best country in the world. When you proudly represent their countries at international vocal competitions, and representatives from all over the world applauded and taken to their countries slice of Ukraine in the heart.

Peace in Ukraine... sure to be! And we all should do a lot of good. Everyone should start with yourself, with your family. Ukraine is a large family, and the family should all live in peace!

We dream that our country... was the best! To all the people living here, with head held proudly said: "I live in Ukraine: the rich and peaceful country, with talented, smart and hard-working citizens!"

"We want to prove to the world that Ukraine is the most talented and singing country", - Petryk sisters.

We love Ukraine... because this is our country, the country of our parents, the country of our grandparents. We love it on from generation to generation, and are doing everything possible to about it every year learned a growing number of people.

You know, our parents always say such a sentence: "the Children are our future. And the country in which a bad attitude to children there is no future". So the love for their country should be taught from early childhood. Ukraine, love your children and you will always be successful!

What would be a patriot... you not in words but in deeds to prove his love. To do it every day, every hour, every minute. And then our country will prosper more and more every day, every hour, and every minute!