(18.01.2015) Added a new video records, sound records, and publications

See in our video gallery:

"Vyshe oblakov" (Above the clouds). Unique shooting of Victoria Petryk performances in September 2006. Special thanks to the owner of the channel Anastasiya Petryk.

"Russkaja zima" (Russian winter), "Prazdnik ljubvi" (Feast of love), "Snezhinka" (snowflake). Fragments of the television broadcast of the concert "Christmas song of the Year 2014" with the participation of Anastasia and Victoria Petryk.

"Snezhinka" (snowflake). Fragment of the show "Big New Year's concert" of TV broadcasting company "Ukraine".

"Freedom", "Nastroenie" (Mood). Fragments of the Christmas program of the First National TV channel of Ukraine.

Listen to our audio gallery:

Victoria Petryk - Vyshe oblakov (Above the clouds) (live)

Anastasia Petryk, Alexander Kogan - "Prazdnik ljubvi" (The feast of love, TV)

Anastasia Petryk, Vlad Sokolovsky - Russkaja zima (Russian winter, TV)

Anastasia Petryk, Victoria Petryk - Snezhinka (Snowflake, TV)

Anastasia Petryk, Victoria Petryk, Vasily Bondarchuk, Dmitry Kolyadenko - Snezhinka (Snowflake, TV)

Watch an interview with Anastasia and Victoria Petryk:

(21.12.2014) Victoria and Anastasia Petryk in the program “the Voice of the People” of all-Ukrainian Union "Voice"

(12.01.2015) Petryk sisters in the programme “Success Factor” of the TV channel "RAI"