(07.03.2015) Anastasia and Victoria Petryk on "the Christmas Song of the Year 2014"

December 9, 2014 at the sports complex "Olympic" took place the grand concert "Christmas Song Of The Year". Traditionally, in the concert the recognized masters of the stage perform together young artists, the winners of the contest "New Wave Junior" over the years. At the concert, Anastasia and Victoria sang the song "Snowflake". Performed by Anastasia Petryk and Vlad Sokolovsky song sounded "Russian winter". Anastasia Petryk and Alexander Kogan sang a song "Feast of love". The song "the First Graders", "New year", "Captains", "Olympic waltz" (with Jana Melikaeva), "I will wait for you" (with Valeria), "Draw" sang the children's choir "New wave" with the participation of Anastasia Petryk. You can see all the fragments of "the Christmas song of the year" with the part of Anastasia and Victoria Petryk in the video gallery of our website.