(23.03.2015) Petryk sisters at the ceremony of awarding the prize "Person of the Year 2014"



Ivona, report from the ceremony "Person of the Year 2014"

Ivona, interview with Victoria Petryk

Nineteenth prize "person of the year" was presented in Kyiv Palace of Ukraine on March 21. The event wore restrained in connection with the events in Eastern Ukraine.

One by one onto the stage of the award beyond its award-winning laureates, and the solemnity the event brought on stage Vitaliy Kozlovskiy, Natalya Mogilevskaya, Kamaliya, Catherine Buzhinsky, George Rybczynski, Anastasia and Victoria Petryk and other Ukrainian performers.

Victoria Petryk: I wanted to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015...

Young Ukrainian sisters-singer Victoria and Anastasia Petryk visited prize "Person of the Year 2014" and has performed on stage with songs George rybczynski. Victoria told to Ivona journalist what they're currently working.

What's your vocal career and calling you to a New wave of 2015?

- On the "New wave", calling us or not, we leave it closer to the competition, you'll learn everything. And my sister and now are not so much career development, how much the support of our compatriots, the people who are fighting. Now in a very difficult situation in the country. We are at charity concerts. We have stopped making music videos and recording new songs, and went deeper into the subject of what is happening around. I want to have peace, and will peace and happiness then and concerts. And everything else will modify.

That is, in the near future from you the fans will not see any new works?

- I really wanted to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest 2015. To prove to the world, Ukraine is the most talented and hard-working country in the world. We recorded the song Peace for Ukraine (World Ukraine), I wanted to do it. This song is about how hard our soldiers now and how I wish people all over the planet to hear about what you need to stop the war. Holi suffer and people die... So I wanted to represent Ukraine with this song, suddenly I won and people would have heard my call, and the war would have ended.

Who is the author of the lyrics?

- He's an American, teacher at UC Berkeley, and wrote the music Georgians. Therefore, see, all world helps Ukraine to become better and to show themselves at the highest level. Even in this difficult time people from different countries help. There is no indifference, on the contrary all rallied.

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