(02.05.2015) Concert announcement and the new our collection addition

27 may 2015 at 19:00 people's artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko convene their colleagues artists to the national Palace of Arts "Ukraine" on charity event "We are one and we have one Ukraine!". In the concert take part: Nina Matvienko, Vasily Zinkevich, Ruslana, Oleksandr Ponomaryov, Nadezhda Krutova-Shestak, Oleg Skrypka, Olga Makarenko, Zlata Ognevich, Catherine Buzhinsky, Tatiana Piskareva, Kamaliya, Pavel Mrezhuk, Marina Odol'skaja, Oleg Pavlishin, Anastasia and Victoria Petryk, Dmitrij Andriec, Svetlana Vesna, the popular children's group "Sports and dance ensemble "Pulse". Concert presenter Vasilij Ilashhuk.

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Published the full interview of the sisters Petryk correspondent of the program "1inCity" First Baltic Music channel. Thanks to the channel owner Olga Solovjova for published materialy. The program was aired 12.02.2015.

Our video gallery has been enriched with videos of Anastasia and Victoria Petryk performances at the final concert of the laureates and guests of the all-Ukrainian children's charity festival "Art Temple 2014" held in Ivano-Frankivsk 18.12.2014 in Regional Music and Drama theatre.