(16.08.2015) New content on our website

"Mass media" (here) section added the fragment of the program "morning on the 7" from 17.07.2015 with Anastasia and Victoria, as well as full video for creative meeting of Petryk sisters with theirs fans, which took place in Odessa on 17.07.2015.

All songs featured on creative meeting with fans in Odessa, you can see in our video gallery (here). At the meeting performed songs: "Nastroenie" (In the Mood), "Reka-pechal'" (River of sorrow), "Disco nightclub", "Baby I love you", "Merci", "I love rock n roll", "Podsolnuhi" (Sunflowers), "Oj, hodit son" (Oh, goes dream).

Our audio gallery popolnyat new song "Diskoteka" performed by Victoria Petryk.

Victoria Petryk - Diskoteka (Disco nightclub, live)