(24.10.2015) Victoria Petryk told why he performed in Sochi Victoria Petryk commented her performance with a Russian contestant on the New Wave

Комсомольская Правда в Украине: Ukrainian singer told why he performed at "New wave" in Sochi Victoria Petryk were justify herself for performance in Sochi

Participant from Ukraine Vadim Oleynik a month before the "New wave" refused to go to Sochi because of the political situation in Ukraine. However, Ukrainian artists are still there, despite the fact that the competition was not even broadcasted on Ukrainian TV. Ani Lorak sat on the jury, the Pringles from Kharkov still represented Ukraine and took third place, "VIA Gra" and Alina Grosu appeared as guests, and Kolya Serga was one of the presenter. On competition stage was also made by a young Ukrainian singer Victoria Petryk who represented Ukraine at the "New wave" in 2014, when the competition was held in Jurmala. This time the organizers of the "New wave" invited the girl as the silver medalist last year.

On the shoulders of Ukrainian stars and Victoria Petryk, who went to play in Russia showered with a lot of negative comments from some residents of Ukraine. Many of them decided to remain silent and not to comment on his participation in the Russian project, but Victoria Petryk honestly told Katya Osadcha in the "Fashionable life", why she sang in "New wave".

- I believe that represented their country and believe that even in difficult the times of Ukraine should be on top. Mi first thought that sing Ukrainian artist, but unfortunately, or fortunately, this year all sang songs by Igor Nikolaev. Therefore, we could not sing Ukrainian songs. I understand that in this situation it was wrong, but I can say that I came as a singer from Ukraine, and the fact that I sang with the Russian contestant, I stepped toward to make rather ended the feud between Ukraine and Russia - said Petryk in an interview with "the high life".

Victoria sang the song "Lake of hope" together with Oleg Sidorov a participant of the Russian show "Main stage".