(17.02.2016) GlavRed: "Eurovision 2016" selection participant is not interested in the opinion of the jury


Meladze, Danilko and Ruslana did not appreciate the performance of Victoria Petryk.

In the second semi-final of "Eurovision 2016" national selection criticism of the jury was no less rigid than in the first one. Especially got 18-year-old Victoria Petryk, who played with the song, "Overload", writes KP in Ukraine. In general the jury criticized the arrangement, and the image of the girl. Petryk first tried to answer the caustic comments of the jury members, but soon paused and listened criticism silently. Only behind the scenes, the girl gave vent to emotions. "Let's just say us sisters Petryk, and basically our family, not interested in someone's opinion", — said Vika. In the semifinals Petryk got just six points — 2 of 4 the jury and from the viewers. "I remember all your baby contests, — said Danilko. — All your life you are involved. What is your goal?", — said the singer one of the members of the jury. "To become known throughout the world and to prove that Ukraine is a country of talents", — said Petryk. Konstantin Meladze said that Petryk answers questions rehearsed phrases and she needs some relax.