(06.03.2016) Talented Petryk sisters gave joy by his work to Melitopol citizens

Local News, Melitopol

On March 5, in the Center of culture and leisure TGATU sisters Anastasia and Victoria Petryk presented their program "in Half" to Melitopol citizens.

And though the event started late, and the hall clapped, calling the performers on stage the mood is never ruined and the audience, many of whem were children and youth, warmly welcomed the sisters.

First, a short story about young talents were presented with the cutting video with performances shown on the big screen, and shortly thereafter appeared on the stage themselves singer. From the beginning Anastasia and Victoria have established close contact with the audience, they talked to the audience from the stage, thanked for the warm reception and the flowers that they gave, those present expressed their wishes, women and girls wished happy new year the holiday, giving them the song "River of sorrow".

The audience, let them was not full hall, not stay in debt – they clapped talented performers, sang along here and there were heard cries of "Bravo". But really lit hall the eldest sister of the legendary song of Tina Turner "Simply the best" catchy music and the strong voice of the singer did the trick. The audience waved glow phones, and then Victoria took her phone, filming hall, so support her and filming herself in the background, to leave this pleasant memories. "When I watched performances of Tina Turner, when she from the hall was illuminated by lanterns, I always wanted one so it was with me. And here in Melitopol my little dream come true", she shared with the audience the singer.

Victoria also performed her new song "Witch", which has recently been released the clip, Anastasia, the owner of an incredibly strong voice, also gave the audience their recent singles "Paraelemental" and "Music". Not only his but also the composition of other performers sang the girls at the concert, a few songs performed by the Duo. And finished sisters her performance of Ukrainian songs. "Because we live in Ukraine", - such words uttered from the stage by the eldest of the sisters

At the end of the evening the hall gave a standing ovation. After Victoria and Anastasia remained on the scene, so that everyone could be photographed with the girls.