(08.03.2016) Vociferous Petryk sister brought "Popolam" (in twain) program into Melitopol

"Industrial Zaporozhye". Author: Ekaterina Danilova.

On the eve of the main holiday of spring in Melitopol (Zaporozhye region) gave a concert of Victoria and Anastasia Petryk. Vociferous sister brought a new program "Popolam".

- We called the program so, because we have everything in half, two sisters still - told     to "Industrialka" Victoria Petryk. - Our program included not only well-known hits, which we     execute, but also our own songs, written by the authors from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia,     Sweden and America. I imagine the songs "Bewitched" and "Overload", and Anastasia -     her songs "Pyatoelementnaya" and "Music", there is still a duet song.

- Why is the premiere of the program took place in Moscow in the theater "Golden Ring", but not in Ukraine?

- In Moscow, we are very much waiting, people are constantly wrote: "When you arrive, We are waiting for you"     therefore, there was a presentation. We are often asked questions about our performances     in Russia, and Katya Osadchaya tried to get us to a specific conversation. Previously, it was a shame     such an attitude, but we did not sing on the Day of Russia or some party, some of our     performers, we just sung for people who love our music, that's all.     And I believe that artists should not deal with politics.

Also, the sisters shared a joyful event - this year they took their first clips:     Victoria - the song "Witch", video fans have seen literally in early March,     and her sister - "Pyatoelementnaya".

- The director and the operator of the video "The Witch" was made by Valery Georgiyan he conceived     shooting took place in Chernivtsi, and then in the Ternopil region - explained Victoria. -     I think that the video turned out to cheer! Although there were unflattering, but I do not pay attention,     because they do their job, and most importantly, to do it well.

- And my clip-on "Pyatoelementnaya" was shooted, but I myself have not seen yet - said Anastasia. -     Already, even in school, I ask: 'When, when it comes out?" I must come this month.