(17.03.2016) Why sister Petryk will never compete with each other

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This year Victoria Petryk singer name frequently appeared in connection with the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, where Victoria has performed the song "Overload". Unfortunately, it did not reach the final of the Eurovision-2016 and Ukraine hit the scandal because of the fact that she was indifferent to criticism and opinions of judges. This time, the young singer came to the pages of the tabloids in connection with participation in the project of the channel STB "Honey, we are killing children."

Victoria attended the popular show with a younger sister Nastya, which is also a great competitive experience under his belt. The main topic of their conversation in the post-show was the fact that they think about competition in the family, and whether they are competing with each other. Both girls have a powerful voice and participate in prestigious competitions. But because of their creative path intersect, their relationship can be ruined due to competition. Here is what about this thought Victoria Petryk:

- We always help each other. When Nastya goes to the competition, we are helping with our father     create the number of the song, to tell you how to behave. My sister and I will never participate     in the same competition. We like the Klitschko brothers - will not spar with each other.

Agree, this attitude is worthy of respect. Father of sisters, Igor, believe that in order     that children do not compete with each other, you need to equally apply to everyone,     not to give someone more attention. According to his confession, his daughter are very industrious and in any situation support and help each other.

- Mom says that parents do not last forever, and we, as sisters should support each other     in difficult situations, because we are very close to each other and the native people. Show Business     is show business, but it does not heat the house. We help each other at home, we have a real strong     family.

I must say, after that Petryk sisters fans have come to a complete delight from so     wise and mature position of them. By the way, even though Victoria Petryk have not got the win in Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision - 2016, we are confident that it will follow the main vocal competition of the country. Recall that the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will be held in Stockholm in May, the singer Jamala will be on Eurovision-2016 from Ukraine.