(21.04.2016) Anastasia and Victoria Petryk in the play "Ukraine - you are the nightingale song"

Mykolaiv city newspaper "Evening Nikolaev"

Mykolaiv Academic Ukrainian Drama and Musical Comedy Theater


April 15, 2016, in Nikolaevsk the academic Ukrainian drama theater and musical Comedy hosted the premiere of play "Ukraine - you are the nightingale song". A long time favorite of our city residents and become a cultural brand, the theatre has offered the original stage version of the play. The basis of his drama was the anthology of Ukrainian vocal art – song, romance, Opera, choral, ensemble. Its a phenomenon seen worldwide, still much to be learned, and a new performance theater is another opening the new faces of the Ukrainian choral culture. Suffice it to say on the wide stylistic range of works that sound from the stage, from Mykola Lysenko classical arias – up modern songs of Victoria and Anastasia Petryk.