(15.08.2016) Anastasia Petryk on Children's New Wave sang a duet with Philip Kirkorov

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АКТУАЛЬНЫЕ НОВОСТИ: Philip Kirkorov sang a duet with 14-year-old "Ukrainian future of Beyonce" Philip Kirkorov sang a duet with 14-year-old Ukrainian singer Anastasia Petryk Philip Kirkorov sang a duet with 14-year-old Ukrainian singer

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One of the highlights of the evening was the performance duo Philip Kirkorov with a young Ukrainian     star Anastasia Petryk.


The most soulful duet on "Children's New Wave" was the performance of the song lyric     "Passers-by" Philip Kirkorov, and 14-year-old Ukrainian stars Anastasia Petryk. Several     years ago, the couple have performed together, then their "Snow" has caused the most tumultuous applause. On hurray     and took a new hit. And it's not just the King of Pop. Oh very charismatic and vociferous Nastya!     Here it is called Ukrainian Beyonce.


Competition musical talents "Children's New Wave - 2016" opened in the camp "Artek"     annexed Crimea in Russia, - the correspondent of news agency "Highway E-95."     At this event, the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov presented the audience a duet with 14-year-old     Odessa singer Anastasia Petryk, who in 2012 became the winner of "Junior Eurovision".     Note that the singers have long known each other. In the "Children's New Wave", which was held     5 years ago, Kirkorov and then a 9-year-old A.Petryk sang together the song "Snow". The singer has already     then I noticed the extraordinary talent of the girls.


The competition King introduced its new pop duo already known to the general public     Ukrainian singer Anastasia Petryk. The girl became the winner of "New Wave"     in 2010, won the audience an incredibly strong voice and charisma.     Then, in a duet with Philip Kirkorov baby I presented the song "Snow". This year, Nastya     I was 14 years old. The audience did not immediately recognize the young singer - so it is in every sense     grown and prettier. In the second day of competition today, "Children's New Wave" Philipp     Anastasia and introduced a new song - "Pedestrians".


Young Ukrainian singer Anastasia Petryk again appeared on stage with the master of the Russian platform     Philip Kirkorov at the prestigious children's contest "New Wave".     In 2010, guests music contest "New Wave" duo struck 9-year-old     Ukrainian singer Anastasia Petryk, with the pop king of Russian pop music Phillip     Kirkorov. He came to the delight of a joint statement with the young star itself Philippe Bedrosovich.

"Thank you," Children's New Wave "because she gave us the singer. Girl just     unreal, "- said at the time after the contest Russian artist and added that the present waiting     a great future in show business.

Since a few years, and now the fate of Kirkorov again brought Nastia Petryk. King of Pop     and the young singer met again at a children's music contest Igor Krutoy.     In the "Children's New Wave-2016", held in the children's camp "Artek"     They were together again.

The first time the artists sang together the song "Snow", and now Nastya and Philip sang Bedrosovich     duet song "Passers-by". But this time the 14-ltnyaya Ukrainian singer impressed the audience     not only for his vocal abilities, but also appearance. The girl grew considerably and has become     a real beauty.


Pop king of Russian pop music Phillip Kirkorov presented the audience "Children's New Wave - 2016"     a duet with the little Ukrainian singer Anastasia Petryk. It should be recalled that the singers have long     know each other. On the "New Wave" in the Crimea which took place 5 years ago, Philip     and then a 9-year-old Petryk sang together the song "Snow". The singer had already noticed unusual     talent of the girls. Impressed vocal Ukrainian singer Kirkorov said that if     see her abroad for her to do a show in Las Vegas, and the competition of "Children's New     Wave "can put a monument for this discovery. In the second competition day of the event Philip     Kirkorov together with the 14-year-old Anastasia Petryk sang "Passers-by". According to his mother     the little singer, Anastasia was very worried, but grown and gained experience over the past 5 years.


One of the highlights of the evening was the performance duo Philip Kirkorov with a young Ukrainian     star Anastasia Petryk. A few years ago, when Nastia won the competition, singer     also sang a duet with the singer - the lyrical song "Snow". After the speech, Philip     I recalled how it was.

- I remember these moments. I was even on hand lifted Nastya. But soon she already     raise me! - Joked the actor.