(12.02.2015) Petryk sisters in the “1 IN CITY” channel "FBM"

February 12, 2015 First Baltic Music Channel in his program “1 IN CITY" presented an interview with the sisters Petryk. Here you can watch the interview and read its full text.

Guests of our today's broadcast began charming and talented sisters Petryk. Girls born into a musical family, so he decided to devote himself to music. And not to no avail. The youngest of sisters, Anastasia - owner not childish jazz vocals. Young singer only 12, but she is already the winner of the most prestigious international competitions such as the Eurovision song contest and New Wave. As it has already to sing a duet with Leonid Agutin, Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak and record joint the song with the Russian hip-hop artist t'killah. Older sister, Victoria, as well is the winner of the New Wave Junior, and this summer she participated in adult New Wave, finishing there in second place. The second she was on Junior Eurovision in 2008. In her 17 Vic repeatedly became the winner of the Ukrainian prize "Рerson of the Year".

Correspondent: Hello, ladies.

Anastasia: Hello.

Victoria: Hello.

C: How did it happen that you are in this age have become stars?

V: We were not stars. We became artists.

C: a Good start.

V: ... because the stars, they are in heaven... and we are artists.

A: ... and the artists on earth. As I say, the stars are singing under the "plus" and artists under "minus".

C: How do you educate parents?

V: Before that I was strictly brought up. Now even stricter. I'm afraid I'm married to run away.

A: Our parents are not malicious, as everyone says, and not tyrants, not terminators. Normal people...

V: Educate us as children. That we may be obedient to behave decently, to know how to talk properly with people. In a General way and should behave parents.

C: do You still little girls. Someone you also like to listen to in the car. Somebody also energizes you...

V: In the car we listen to a lot of good music and not very good music... Know so fun to know that Ukrainian girls behind the wheel...

A: I Include the music itself first lyric, and then abruptly headphones include imagine a metal band and I have started ... guitar ... drums...

C: Tell us what happens in your everyday life. Nastya, let's start with you...

A: Weekdays... she already does not pass...

V: I already did not pass, because I already finished school. So I can say that I'm not a schoolgirl. I already adult girl, soon I'll be to study at the Institute.

C: people who are studying in the Institute, they also have days, if that...

V: I don't know... My weekdays are still different from the others, even from my former classmates was very different. Because every day they I went to school. I, due to the fact that frequent concerts and travel, not so often attended school. So very different. Everybody say, "Oh, student years - this is so cool, sea, parties and everything else." My life has already been so many parties that the next party or disco is not a mystery, not the surprise. Not interesting, and I like something different...

C: And you are friendly?

V: We are very friendly, but there are situations when it may fall out, and to play something in each other...

A: Now you see why I have removed salt and pepper to another table...

V: So I have not thrown? Well no, not true, we do not quarrel so much. It was Odessa joke.

C: Agree whether such a situation that someone you nominate more, some less, or are you always together?

V: used to be when I was a transitional age, no longer a girl, but still not a lady...

C: Crafty at all, show business?

V: of Course, very tricky. That you did, no matter how dressed, you will be discuss, examine, often unfriendly or envious...

C: And you was not hard in school to learn? What was the attitude of classmates?

V: there was a time when relationship with classmates were very bad. There were threats and just before fights never came. Because I always wanted to your dream, I have always been not the same as they are, all my life I want something, something achieve, I go to their dreams. And they just went to school.

C: Nastya and you have enough time to study?

A: Yes. I study well. My mom even sometimes hurt me. I have scores: 10, 11, 10, 11, 11, 12... And mom just doesn't understand: "Daughter, what were you doing there?" And I joked: "I was singing."

C: Teacher, you make concessions or, on the contrary, rigorous?

A: They don't bother me: "Wuxi pusi, Nastenka, you're the most famous the little girl. So we'll always 12 points you raise." No. There is no such thing. They can make me a comment, once again not stamped. But then I want to drown even stronger...

C: It May be in the world of show business you already have friends or good friends?

A: I am very good friends with Philip Kirkorov, with Ani Lorak. Best friend in my show business is my sister.

C: What are the most brilliant performances, duets you had?

A: In 2011, was my very first duet with the star. It is with Philip Kirkorov we sang the song "Snow". Then happened that first concert until 10 PM, and after the concert from 10 PM we started rehearsal until 1 a.m.

C: Little children to sleep, it's not about you?

A: no condescending anywhere, no New Wave Junior, nor an adult.

C: How you handled it?

A: This is normal. It's called "show business". Without this it is impossible. If you say: "Sorry, Alexander Davidovich, I want to sleep. You can, tomorrow I parametery..." He say for you: "Good-bye, pack your bags, go home."

C: However, you show business like?

A: Yes. I was used to. I don't like goes to sleep early. I like to sleep a little longer, up to 1 hour a day.

C: You are so mature thinking. Tell about their plans, their goals, their dreams.

A: I want to do, so I became a world famous singer. We want to stand alongside Beyonce, Shakira, with many famous people. If this the moment was alive Michael Jackson, I would really, really wanted him to sing. It's just was my dream. It was a big unexpectedness that he died...