(20.05.2015) «Petryk sisters» about Ukraine and Europe

City information portal "Odessa life"

Release: 20 from 20.05.2015

Author: Anna Mjachina

At the beginning of may, the winner of the Junior Eurovision song contest 2012" Anastasia Petryk turned thirteen years. Her sister, Victoria, the finalist of the contest "New Wave 2014", here celebrates 18th anniversary. Despite the big wins and recognition, girls never cease to engage with teachers and dream to record an album of Ukrainian songs. "Odessa life" talked with young talents and learned of their plans and dreams.


About the repertoire

We have many Ukrainian songs in the repertoire, we love them and often sing. This "Malvy", "Oh, sleep walking", "The violinist" and, of course, "The river sorrow", which we performed at the "New wave". We were sure that it will be received by the listeners with enthusiasm. And so it happened. And the Ukrainian unit of our concert loved the audience in Ivano-Frankivsk. Therefore, in the future we plan to record Ukrainian album by the family tandem. After all, despite the fact that I have my own concerts, and Nastia their we often play together and are confident that "Petryk sisters" never breaking up.

The common difficulties

Last year we started a nationwide tour. But most of the performances had to be postponed because of difficult situation in the country. Actually the whole last year was very difficult for all. I never never thought it was scary to watch in the sky military aircraft and hear in the news about the deaths of people. And we are all concerned about the future of Ukraine, but we know that the Ukrainians are a strong nation. We all will succeed and soon this black strip will be left behind.

About Eurovision

Now is the time when we need to prove to the world that we are strong, we go forward and focused on prosperity. And I think it most unwise to refuse to participate in the Eurovision song contest. I am very upset about this — we had all the chances to win. We prepared a very strong song called "Reasons to Ukraine" and I was ready to reach Europe. Now plan to implement the plan next year. Nastia still have a chance to participate at adult "New wave".

About the study

We don't watch modern talent show. We simply have no time. We are engaged in the development: doing vocals, intensely studied English language, because without it anywhere now. In addition, there are regular educational efforts. After all last year because of participation in the song contest my documents in the University has not taken today and I have to re-pass the EIT. It's a shame, because last year I wrote a test to "excellent". Hope we will be able to do. But still I know my calling is the stage, the singing, the ability to give people happiness and smiles.


About gifts

On my birthday I didn't want any special gifts. It was important for me to see my friends and family happy. And I got it. And the best gift dad gave me after winning at JESC. Then I dreamed about a dog, and won two. And it was a great happiness. Now they are big, literally knocked down, but we teach them commands and they learn well.

About Amsterdam

There is the city that I can never forget, is Amsterdam. There I was truly happy. And it really is gorgeous. But to live there I'd rather not. May it be beautiful memory. And your fate I'd like to associate with America — to work and build a career.