(13.02.2016) Victoria Petryk: In Moscow, I gave a standing ovation


Victoria Petryk - the youngest participant of the "Eurovision 2016" national selection. Eight years ago, she has already represented Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision song contest in Cyprus, where she took second place. First moment of glory Victoria received in the summer of 2004, when they won the Grand Prix at the international contest "Star bridges", and in the same year at the international children festival "Star" won. In 2010 with her younger sister Nastya participated in the show "Ukraine got talent". recorded an interview with the singer before second qualifying semi-final the contest, which ended in Kiev. Victoria was presented to the audience a song, "Overload", which specifically was written for her by friends from Sweden. However, according to the results the vote, Victoria did not get into the final.

About the sources of inspiration, races and star family Victoria Petryk - exclusive interview

Interviewer: Victoria, you have made the decision to participate in Eurovision? Who pushed you to this?

Victoria Petryk: In 2008 I participated at the Junior Eurovision, and took second place. Only 6 points separated me from victory.

I: You are the youngest participant of the current selection, are you scared?

V: No, I'm not scared, I have long tempered the atmosphere, know what and how. So we really want to go to Sweden and represent Ukraine with dignity. Moreover, my the song was written in Sweden.

I: What is it about?

V: About love. "Overload" means a reboot. In life there are people who are given to us as a lesson. Your heart need to restart and be given the opportunity to love the person. This the song was written by the famous Sweden singer Yulia and Lena. They think I'm worthy to represent Ukraine in this year.

I: Do you have the sympathy of the other participants? Who would give your vote to?

V: I didn't vote, but the competition is very big. For me this is very important because I love it when there are decent, when is with whom to compete. It's like if you go at high speed on a sports car, such is the adrenaline. For my Eurovision song contest - the last contest in which I would like to participate. So already participated in all (smiles).

I: How is the preparation for the performance?

V: In the shooting. Yesterday we were shooting, then we went to rehearse to dance and drive room.

I: The simple viewer has the impression that this year the competition was open. What are your impressions from the selection?

V: The organization is much better than before. Everything is organized well, so many people work on the project, what scene! Not just a screen with glitters. It professional scene, it's a wonderful sound, which is important on stage. Before "First national" couldn't provide.

I: How you meet today on TV and radio?

V: Now we have released the new song "Witch", she will soon be in the broadcast on the radio, and will it be out on the M1. In principle, hope for the best.

I: What do you think should be the song to win at Eurovision? Do you feel today, the demand for military issues?

V: Europe is not interested in what is happening. Not only do we have war in Syria the war constantly, in Israel, people are used to it. Scary when you die people, but unfortunately, it's not in our power, and abilities of our state. I cooked the year before, the song Love is Lord - Love the Lord. I sang about the war. Last year, when Ukraine did not participate, we also wrote the song "Peace to Ukraine". We wanted peace on all the world, told about this situation, and realized that nobody needs it".

I: How is your relationship with other participants of the Eurovision song contest?

V: In show business friendship can not be. Every man for himself, because he operates the rule: either you eat, or you. What happens in real life, competition is competition. I have a family with which I communicate, which I support, there are fans who are always with me, is important. And chat with the contestants I'm only in the working atmosphere.

I: The idea of a duet with your sister Anastasia is still alive?

V: We have concerts, where we always finish duet song. We like as a separate solo career, but we're still together. Petryk always together (laughs). Sometimes we even flustered the other, always together, as if we it was not difficult. Always the four of us - mom, dad, me, and Nastya. And everyone is wondering not a shouting match show business.

I: Whether you have planned concerts this year, and where?

V: 5 March will be a concert in Melitopol, which will open a tour to Ukraine, later learn detail.

I: Will go abroad?

V: We are invited to different countries of the world, including in Russia. I live in Russia the relatives. My mother is Russian, father is Ukrainian, and I'm not allowed to share the whole family! Mom to kill? I'll always love their relatives, as in Russia and in Ukraine. We must always be together, as we two loved ones people. The worst thing is that people die. This should really stop.

I: Artists from our part may affect the situation?

V: Artists can, in spite of this situation, flying to different countries. We had recently a concert in Moscow, we sang Ukrainian songs and we gave a standing ovation. We are told we don't want to fight.

I: What did you want to be in childhood, and are you going to connect the further destiny with music?

V: From early childhood my mother only was able to calm me down. I'm always right was intonirovanie, wanted to be on stage. With five years I was on the stage of our "Palace of Ukraine". I am a student at the school named after Glier. I just took second place at the children's The Eurovision song contest!

I: What else besides music do you have in your life?

V: It's a sports car. I'm a racer, we often gather karts with friends.

I: You dispelled the myth that blondes can't drive cars.

V: Yes (laughs), at once there are associations that blondes can't drive, but my young man, when sits next to me says, "Just go, please, carefully."

I: How do you start your day?

V: The day begins with the fact that I wash my face, brush my teeth, eat Breakfast, and start rehearsing. The music I have in the first place.

I: Who is a guide for you on stage?

V: It's Michael Jackson. He was purposeful, from early childhood wanted to make music, and whatever difficulties were in his life, he went to his dream. He was helped by brothers. This story resembles mine.

I: Were You made in your childhood your parents to do music?

V: I have always allowed parents to do what I want. I was always supported by and prompted. I think that the main mistake of parents when they make child to learn. For example, my dad's parents wanted him to be a musician, but dad ran strongly at training on driving the car. I am grateful to my parents, what I've never been tokali. Yes, there were occasions when my father was able to suggest something or narugami, but he's still a producer, and mom Director.

I: Critical whether the father towards you?

V: Very critical! My father praise means a lot. If I have something he scolds it, but if he sees what I done he would always praise, a hug and say well done, that's what I sought, not in vain he swore at you. So praise my parents, it means a lot. Dad very rarely praises, very.

I: Will You have some free time for yourself?

V: I have time for myself and my loved one, my family. I more nothing.

I: Your perfect vacation?

V: I fell in love with the city of Miami, you want either there or on some island.

I: What are the qualities of an artist to succeed?

V: Commitment, not stage fright, a sense of confidence. When I go out on stage, I worry, so must be vocal, must play the eyes of the public, a person must be charismatic and a bit of a psychologist.

I: Is it difficult to gain popularity in Ukraine of a modern artist?

V: Yes, because it's not up to artists, I want to stop the war.

I: Who do you see yourself in 5 years?

V: See myself as an artist who won in Eurovision. And I'm all for doing this.

I: Where do you get inspiration?

V: When we as a family spend time on the road, when there is no show business. I often get inspired when I walk near the sea, I get a lot of information and then my work begins.

I: What sort of music do you listen to that you can find in your playlist?

V: Listening to diverse music, I'm Meloman. Nastya, for example, rock music listening, and I listen to diverse, I don't have a certain style.

I: What famous and not-so stars would you like to collaborate?

V: This will remain my secret.

I: Does Your work brings income?

V: Yes, and taxes are already paying too (laughs).

I: Who worked on your stage persona whether it matches with your inner self?

V: This is our good friend and friend of the family's Larisa Voronina, the daughter of a famous designer Mikhail Voronin.

I: At the Glier Institute at which you study, has a competitor - the University of Poplavskiy, who also produces hundreds of artists, which no one can see in the Ukrainian show business. Why?

V: This should be handled by the government, to help graduates who have an aim. But in General, I would suggest to write a separate article in the Criminal Code, in America, for soundtrack. I believe that all artists should sing live on the stage. I always sing live. In America so are all the stars, and paid fees for it. If it worked, I'm sure half of our show-business simply disappears.