(15.08.2016) 14-year-old "future Beyonce": LaBute is, and privacy is no time!

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Grown Ukrainian star Anastasia Petryk sang again a duet with Philip Kirkorov     "New Wave" in the Crimea.

"As children grow rapidly," - sighed the audience of the second competition day of     "New Wave Junior", making out in the 14-year-old Anastasia Petryk the little girl who six     years ago at the same stage earnestly performed the song "Snow" a duet with Philip Kirkorov.     This year, the Ukrainian singer re-emerged on the stage together with the master of the scene from Russia, but this time the visitors struck not only vocal, but also appearance     - Since the last meeting in the Crimea, she has matured considerably, changing from baby     doll-faced with a real woman, capable of soon become a serious competitor     not only to compatriot Vera Brezhnev, but also the world star Beyonce.

"Instagram" young star has about 10 thousand subscribers who constantly monitor     for the singer. As admitted in an exclusive interview with Anastasia Life, it often pleases the     fans not only to video demonstration, but also scenes from his life of luxury. "I love     equestrian sport, I love to sing, go karts and various expensive cars. For example,     Maserati, Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari ", - reads the signature in her microblog.

In conversation with the correspondent Lajfa actress also admitted that she feels weakness     to expensive clothing brands.

"I really like Ambercrombie & Fitch company. When I was in Miami, only its     and I bought, because it is very beautiful, fashionable and youth. Like all girls, love     Louis Vuitton, Chanel and, of course, Louboutin, - says Nastya. - I've got shoes     from Louis Vuitton, but the bags from Chanel yet. But I hope that my dad will buy it.     Yes, Daddy?"

However, in the priorities of young singer not only replenish the wardrobe, but creative     Development - Nastia plans to conquer America. According to Petryk, in spite of the fact that it     important love countrymen, especially she wants to become famous overseas. When asked,     she would not want to develop in Russia, the young lady replied: "Proposals     from Russia did not receive visits, but we are in their country! We really like the Ukraine."

Large-scale plans also allow Nastya, following the example of peers, find love.     Despite the attention, which is surrounded by a young girl, tight schedule does not leave     no chance for romance.

"With my way of life I do not have time for private life", - says the young star.